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Answers to Life’s Unending Questions

So, who asked an unending question and who should be so bold as to want to find out the answer to one of THOSE?

We do. Writers do. It’s an indelible, incontrovertible, inalienable fact that writers need to know. How else could we plot a mystery, a thriller, a fantasy, anything that will stand up to the scrutiny of  our  readers, or the even more critical judgment of our very own  group, a company of fellow writers whom we look upon as dear friends? Dear friends that is, until the evening of our critique rolls around.

But this is why we need to know all about everything; about wormholes in spacetime, and how people hit the ground after they’ve been shot, or how it feels to walk through a tree. Not to mention how different poisons work on the individual systems of our bodies, and how to introduce them into said bodies. How, and why, marshmallows can have a deleterious effect on those from the afterlife who deign to pay a visit. And, of course, how a derelict can hide in a spinster’s attic until the time is right to…. You name it, we need to know.

We love trivia. The more arcane the better. Did you know that wormholes have names? That having too much protoplasm invites trouble? That best friends, step-mothers, and old sweethearts are just asking for it constantly?

Writing is fun, entertaining, and hard work. We groan and moan as though we’ve been dealt a rotten hand in Mah Jongg each and every time we force ourselves to sit down to write. But we do it, by hook or by crook, by cracky.

Oh, another question? Who are we? We are five writers united every Thursday evening for one single purpose: encouragement. Though we might be separated by space and time occasionally, we collectively hold our banner high:

‘Five writers in search of a reason not to work on the book just now.’

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