Watching My Garden Grow—or Not

I think my patch of dill is three inches high today, my tomato plant and two bean vines about mid calf and mid thigh respectively.

Well, I was slow to get the seeds in the ground, so what could I expect?

I also forget to water, until my scrawny little plants are banging their leafy fists on the ground and saying accusingly, “What kind of gardener are you?”

This is a blog about writing, and I’m writing about not writing. My pen, when I can find it, could say the same thing to me: “You never call, you never write . . .”

I admire Heidi and Karen and Eleanor for undertaking the writing of a novel—and following it through, untangling the snarls in the plots, deepening their characters with each rewrite, filling in the holes with some excellent writing.

I look at the characters in my pre-written stories, and they just glare back at me, accusingly. “Well, we’re not going anywhere while you just sit there and doodle in the margins!” Maybe I should just take up cartooning.

My live-and-let-live approach to gardening and writing hasn’t worked well (except for the weeds). Participating in the blog has been helping me get over my block—I’m writing and stretching that mental muscle that I’ve let atrophy for too long.

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  1. Please ignore Heidi’s advice (no offense, Heidi) and stick to writing!! I am still waiting to hear what happens in the novels/stories you have started. You have talent!!!!! At this point in the gardening season, I have forgotten what is a weed and what is a flower….I gave up on vegetables a few years ago and just head to a farm stand for my needs! And I don’t doodle–instead of working on my outline for Thursday I am reading our blog and rereading “Go Set A Watchman”. However, the dead flies on my porch are not bothering me in the least for some reason. I need to practice ignoring other irritants and just write. Weeds fall into that category.


    • Mercy! I didn’t mean he should give up writing! Doodling can help, though. I once made a map of my book’s terrain, and wrote all over it about what happened where and why it mattered. Don’t know if it helped, but it sure was fun!


  2. Eleanor Ingbretson

    Can you imagine what our other neglected chores would produce? Undusted furniture stamping their feet, unwashed windows cracking up under grime, dirty laundry . . .oh, what dirty laundry would do to show their displeasure. Leafy fists are wonderful. I love them.
    My brain is crying out under the pressure of avoiding writing. I’ve promised another scene AND an outline for Thursday and I don’t know how much longer I can avoid doing either. The weight is more than I can bear sometimes.
    My advice to non-writers: don’t take up this somewhat masochistic pastime.

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  3. Why not cartoon? Look what cartooning — oops! I mean graphic novels — did for Neil Gaiman. And to comfort you on the gardening front, my four nasturtiums have just produced a flower. That’s A flower.

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