Getting cozy

Remember my last blog post where I announced that I was combining my three partial novels into one novel with three main characters, three points of view? I’ve scrapped that idea and moved on to a new one that is certain to be my final one.


You’re probably wondering what possible iteration is left. Drum roll, please. Two novels! “It Takes A Village Store” has transmogrified back into a standalone novel. A cozy, no less. (You may sense the influence of a few of my writing group members.)

I was surprised at how easy it was to transform “It Takes A Village Store” into a cozy. Deciding who to kill was easy–he was an existing, dislikable character. Adding more characters, potential murderers and their motives, was easy as well. Amazing how far you can get without a plot. I’ve volunteered to submit a plot outline to my writing group at our next meeting. Always a challenge for me, a pantser, to quantify my story. Especially before writing it. The other challenge is that my daughter and her family from Virginia (her house is the setting for “The Intruder”/”He’s All She Has”) arrive tomorrow and leave Sunday. And Sunday is Easter.

Excuses, excuses. Don’t worry, dear writing group members, I’ll submit an outline and you’ll help me revise it. And revise it.

That leaves the other two novels fitting together perfectly into one–mother, Anne, and daughter, Olivia. In love with the same man. I’ll definitely have to develop a different take on this overdone concept. Anyway, that’s way off into the future at the rate that I write…



Sunset in Arizona


About Karen Whalen

A contemporary fiction writer with an accumulation of incomplete novels and short stories, I consider NH "home," spending the summer through Christmas there with my husband. My youngest daughter and her family live nearby (as well as my mother and other family members). January finds us venturing to VA to visit our middle daughter and her family before we make our way to sunny AZ to live with our oldest daughter and family. We spend time in VA on our way home. I am fortunate that my daughters live in places I would have retired to all on my own! My 87 year-old mother asks if I will finish my novel (which one, I wonder) before she dies.....Even with that for a goal, I manage to excel at procrastination!

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  1. Kathy Lynn Emerson, who also writes as Kaitlyn Dunnett, has a daily writing goal of one whole scene! If I wrote that fast, I could have done five or twenty drafts of my cozy! If anybody has advice on how to speed up, please speak up.


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