It’s About Time . . .

Except when it’s about something else.

I’m late with my blog post. I had thought that at the last minute Devine Inspiration would give me a good shove in the back and I would start moving forward on saying something. Apparently, D.I. has moved on herself—perhaps she’s read her share of self-help books on deadbeat relationships.

I’m particularly embarrassed about being late with my post because my day job is all about deadlines: getting edited copy to the typesetter, moving proofs through various editing stages so that we get the magazine to the printer on time, and eventually it gets mailed out to subscribers—on time.

Creative writers, too, have obligations and deadlines. The writer scribbling in blissful isolation—picture a cabin on the lake—is not the reality for most of us. If I were dumped in such a place, I might spend more time climbing the walls then actually writing. Writing is a social event; the activities of our lives, the complexities of our relationships swirl and meld in a febrile, creative mind. And as writers, we don’t just draw from our relationships and interactions with others, we are also responsible to our audiences. We need to contribute pieces to our writers groups and blogging partners, and some even have contractual deadlines to deliver a manuscript to an editor at a publishing house. It’s these social aspects of being a writer that provide that much need shove in the back.

Thanks, Heidi, Eleanor, Karen, Mike, Michael, and John. (D.I., I’m doing just fine, not that you asked . . . Do you even still think of me?)

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  1. Don’t get it into your head that once you retire (many, many years away for you!!) Divine Inspiration will be at your beck and call! She is just as fickle when you have unlimited time on your hands as when you devote your creative hours to a paycheck! You are right on about climbing the walls of that cabin on the lake–even scrubbing the floor might take precedence over writing…..


  2. I like divine inspiration. I like how Linda is on a first and last initial basis with said inspiration. And even if the relationship might be a little rocky today, tomorrow it won’t. Tomorrow Linda will be on top again, hand in hand with inspiration. Writing is like that, ain’t it folks?

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  3. Divine Inspiration is a __itch! The choice of W or B is left to the writer and may be changed according to circumstances. At her very best, she’s an itch.

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